Deborah’s Unique Qualifications

Educational Research
Since 2000, I have been intrigued with learning theories in general and specifically Noam Chomsky and Steven Krashen’s theories of second language acquisition; Shelly Loewen’s theory of learning strategies; Judy Willis’ theory of RADteach; and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s theory of Flow.
I am passionate about school reform, emphasizing student responsibility rather than adding to existing teacher education.
My cultural appreciation first piqued with my quick comprehension of the Spanish language. I began studying Spanish when I traveled with my father to Mexico to visit his friends and experience the historically cultural Easter celebrations. From that moment, I tried to learn the language as quickly as I could.
My knowledge of the Spanish language includes understanding the unique dialects of Costa Rica, Colombia, Mexico, and Spain. I consider my self to be an intermediate bilingual.
In 2011, I became aware of music cognition or the psychology of music. I have read Oliver Sacks, Daniel Levitin, and Anthony Storr to become more familiar with the subject. As I continue as an entrepeneur, I hope to add this field of research to my repertoir.

Music Promotion
My interest in music of multiple genres really started with Faith Hill’s “Breathe” and Lee Ann Womack’s “I Hope You Dance”. Up until that time, I’d never heard of “cross-over” where an artist will take her song, revise the arrangement, and introduce it to a new genre. Since then, I have switched among country, pop, R&B, hip hop, soul, and funk — finding something in each genre that I have enjoyed.
In 2008, my passion for music intensified. The New Kids on the Block reunited, and Donnie Wahlberg, Jordan Knight, and Joey McIntyre willingly and eagerly introduced their fans to the musicians who made up their backing band, the producers and songwriters who have helped them create their music, and the artists with whom they have collaborated. Whether in person or via social media outlets, I became intrigued with what happens behind the scenes — the required promotion and publicity to make songs popular, worthy of radio play, and necessary for creating a substantial fanbase.
In April 2009 I took my first job in the entertainment industry as founder, station manager, and on-air personality of NKAirplay Radio. A history in communications helped significantly in this role, and I was given the opportunity to interview multiple musicians including Soul, Jeff Timmons, Chris Coleman, Rob Lewis, and Shaymin. I have stayed on with the radio station as their media consultant.

Free-Lance Writing
In April 2010, I accepted a new position in promotion/publicity as the Tacoma Hip Hop journalist with Now, I am actively promoting CD and mixtape releases, shows, and music conferences. More than anything, I enjoy being the voice for independent artists, whether up and coming or well-established.
I have since expanded my free-lance writing to include Triond and Squidoo. My education has also given me superior proficiency as a proofreader and editor.


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