November Summary

November has been filled with some exciting learning moments worthy of a summary. In fact, I think I’ll finish every month with a summary from this point forward.

Toward the end of October, I accepted a challenge to write 50,000 words in 30 days throughout November. The challenge was inspired by NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), but designed for self-described writers instead of authors.
I thought it would be an excellent motivator for me. Unfortunately, unlike many others who accepted the challenge, I didn’t have multiple writing projects to complete. Perhaps if I had planned some projects, I would have been more successful. I’ve decided to restart this challenge next month, prepared with more than just blogs to share, and I’ll again challenge myself to write 50,000 words in 31 days. That extra day might be just what I need!
As this will be my last blog of November, my final ContentPalooza wordcount will be at the bottom of this blog.

You Are Not Alone: Michael, Through a Brother’s Eyes
It’s my personal opinion that biographers write not to teach, but, rather, to show. These books are bragging materials for most, and the only readers are fans.
I admit I was cautiously optimistic about Jermaine Jackson’s book. As a member of the Jackson 5 and Michael’s self-proclaimed closest brother, Jermaine caused me to question the validity of his story. He proved me wrong, though, showing both the good and bad of his brother and teaching me many lessons throughout.
Biographies and auto-biographies truly fit the clichè: a dime, a dozen. The library is full of stories about presidents, singers, actors, pioneers, and authors. But Michael Jackson wasn’t just one of many successful singers. He really didn’t follow anyone’s example in paving his success. I wouldn’t even describe him as a musical pioneer.
Instead, he earned the label, “King of Pop” because he was a perpetual learner of music, an individual who lived with audacity, a performer keenly aware of his audience, a seeker in the acquisition of excellence, and the definition of his passion. His fame made him rich, but it never stole his innocence despite attempts by greedy fans and crazed fans.
If you haven’t already done so, I highly recommend purchasing Jermaine Jackson’s bookor borrowing it from your local library. My blogs are only a small representation of what I learned from Michael, gleaned from the perspective of someone whose first glimpse was his music video, Thriller. For those of you who experienced Michael as part of the Jackson 5 or the Jacksons, you may walk away from this book with a different education than I.

On a final note, as a music advocate, I want to share some music-related news I discovered this month:

  • Songwriters, Composers, and Music Conference: I’m not exactly sure who made the introduction, but I’ve been following music manager and A&E consultant, Lisa Davis, and her association with SCMC Music for quite a while. Lisa often educates tweeters about the music industry, and her organization regularly hosts A&R conferences throughout the country. Registrants have the opportunity to perform in front of major label executives and meet with them one on one.
    I’ve been wanting to attend one of these conferences for awhile, but they’ve always been too far. Of course I’m neither songwriter, nor composer, nor musician; but I am a writer specializing in entertainment promotion. In February 2012, the SCMC will be coming to Tacoma. I would love to attend as a sponsor, but I’ll save that for the future. Instead, I am promoting the event to every local musician and promoter I know. And, I’ll be attending under general admission so I can appreciate the panelists and the live musical performances.
    I will always be an advocate for good music, and I will support artists whether they choose major label or an independent one. In fact, I encourage both types of artists to attend this conference as it could be potentially one of the best opportunities for music education.
  • Greg Double and Blue Nose Music Entertainment: I have been following Greg Double since I heard his songs, Faded Like Blue Jeans and All I Need. I saw him perform live at the release of the first Unofficial Puget Sound Mixtape, and I was hooked.
    He has worked with many local Puget Sound artists and his entertainment group, including Greg, Castroni, Mike G, Thunderchief, Mr Tactical, and DJ Skrewball, is touring throughout the northwest. Their next show is December 7th at the Nectar Lounge in Seattle. After their Seattle show, the group travels to Longview, WA to perform at Las Racas on December 14th.
    You can check out their music, including the newest song, “Real as It Gets” on Blue Nose Music Entertainment’s Reverbnation site. For all the latest updates on Greg Double and his Blue Nose Music Entertainment, follow Greg on twitter.
  • SicIll (Sick-Ill): SicIll and his group, Darxxide, were my first introduction to hip hop music in the Puget Sound. They opened the door for me to network with many Puget Sound hip hop artists, including interviewing artists produced on the first Unofficial Puget Sound Mixtape.
    A year ago, I profiled SicIll as artist, producer, and director. This month he announced his newest album, “Pandemic”. It is a follow-up to his first album, “Epidemic”.
    SicIll is also taking charge of the third production of Puget Sound Mixtape. To be included on the album, local hip hop artists need to email a quality copy of their mp3 by December 31 to therealsicill at gmail dot com.
    You can follow all the updates on SicIll by liking his Facebook page or following him on twitter.
  • Upcoming Releases: I’ll be updating my blog in the coming months with the album releases from Puget Sound’s J-Pros and Brooklyn’s L*A*W.

I know there is other music news, but these have been the items that have stood out to me.

I hope all of my readers have enjoyed November and for my American readers, I hope you got enough to eat on Thanksgiving. It was a busy month for me, even if I didn’t get as much writing done as I had wanted.

ContentPalooza wordcount = 8,416 words


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