Feeling Depressed, Day 2

I had another day of depression. Today was supposed to be physical therapy, but the therapist wanted to wait until after my neurological testing until he sees me again. Phil called my neurologist’s office, but all the nurse could say was she was waiting for insurance approval.
I couldn’t help but remember my blog from yesterday about choosing joy.
It also reminded me of what my favorite artist recently said: “A lot of times, we walk through life with blinders on, and we forget about music. Last night …. I put on some music …. Oh my God, I’m falling in love. Oh my God, I love music”.
Using this quote and what I learned yesterday, I decided to listen to my mixture of music and share some lyrics. I won’t be listing artists as I don’t want you to be bored or embarrassed at my eclectic taste in music.

  • I don’t want you to think that you’re here all alone
    I know some times that you feel you’re out on your own.
    I’ll be the rock that will never break,
    A shoulder that you need to lean on
    For you I’m never too far away
    As long as I’m here, you’ll never be alone
  • Two drifters off to see the world.
    There’s such a lot of world to see.
  • Envy is over-rated.
    How you gonna use the next man’s dream to keep yourself motivated?
  • Where will you go
    If in your heart you forget how to find love?
    You’ll never know if you don’t give it a chance
    You gotta prove your faith.
  • Don’t let your mistakes define how much you’re worth
  • Love, if you keep it real, it will make you feel a million ways you’ve never felt before.
  • You’re not second best; don’t settle for less.
  • Find yourself in a dream with the city of sky
    And the sound that you hear’s like a heart that beats
    Moving you close to me,
    it’s like a symphony That’s playin’ for us
  • Your well’s run dry one more time
    You just keep hanging on
    And it’s such a crime
    You’ve got to let it go.
  • Baby, don’t you give up on me.
    You’ve got to know you’re my inspiration.
  • Maybe I’m brainless
    Maybe I’m wise
    But you’ve got me seeing Through different eyes
  • It don’t matter what you’ve done before
    ’cause I’m only gonna love you more and
    Nothing else really matters too much to me.
  • All through my life I knew that you’d be my world
    Knowing every where I go
    Things you taught me they would show
    So many times and changes You’ve seen me through
    I sure enough couldn’t have survived without you
  • Find in your heart to change
    Spread a little love around and take away the hurt and pain
  • You better prepare
    Cuz I’m not saying I’m better.
    I’m just saying that I’ve been there.
  • I believe in everything you said to me.
    The past is so dead to me.
    And I believe in your heart that found me
    Through all the hardships surrounding me.
  • And the rain falls down.
    It’s only way it gets better.
    If the rain is falling down,
    Then I’m gonna make it through.
  • It’s not about where you been;
    It’s all about where you’re going.
  • It ain’t the way you rock your hair.
    It ain’t the stylish clothes you where.
    It ain’t the clearness of your tone when you’re talking on the phone.
    Not the way you say my name
    Or how you look in your lingerie.
    Cuz if I took it all away it’d still be all the same
    Cuz you’re so naturally sexy.
  • What if I took the route and followed my dreams?
  • You’ve come so far in so little time
    Look how much you’ve grown
    I watch you struggle, I watch you try
    Try to make a life of your own
    So let the tears falling down your face
    Water your dreams,
    they won’t go to waste
    There all yours baby.
  • God chose what you go through; you choose how to deal. He’ll carry you in times of trouble when you need to heal.

Listening to these songs have helped me so much regain my focus, and tomorrow, I’ll resume my devotional.


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I am a free-lance writer, skilled in writing press-releases, profiles, web copy, articles, and album reviews. I also am a skilled researcher in all areas. I have a MS degree in Educational Pscyhology and am currently in the dissertation phase of my PhD program. My passions are second language learning, learning strategies, music, musicology, neuroscience, and neuroeducation. I am a fan of all genres of music and love learning more about both indie and major-labeled artists as well as the behind-the-scenes people who make them look so good! View all posts by debhalasz

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