Setbacks – School

Once again, I’ve been hit with a demotivational setback. It would seem that I should be used to these by now, but no, especially now that I’ve found a new desire to conduct my study and graduate!

I received some disappointing news today. The Peninsula School District will not allow me to conduct my dissertation study with their students. It appears to be a firm decision as they said in a blanket statement that they are not accepting any research projects at this time. During the preparation stages, I was informed by my contact at the school district that when I was ready I needed to write a formal request of the school district and she would forward it to the appropriate person. I wish I had known during my questioning of this contact that the district was not considering any research projects.

I spoke to my mentor today and asked if I could consider another school district before considering other options. She gave me the green light, so tonight I copied my request to the South Kitsap School District. This district is a bit different than the Peninsula School District. Not only are they larger (10,700 vs 8,700), but their division in grades differs: Peninsula School District divides elementary school and middle school between fifth and sixth grade whereas South Kitsap School District divides elementary and middle school between sixth and seventh grade. Also, South Kitsap groups seventh, eighth, and ninth graders together which thus makes students change schools every three grades once they reach junior high. Peninsula School District, while grouping sixth, seventh, and eight grade together, still has students attending four grades in high school. I’m not sure how this will change my study. But, unfortunately, I won’t get the chance to do a comparison at the present. I can only cross my fingers that the South Kitsap School District will say yes.

I tried to keep the study with more rural students, choosing from those elementary schools closest to my neighborhood and outside of the city limits. If approved, it will still be a study of three elementary schools feeding into one middle school.

I guess I should say I’m grateful I have not yet received approval on my full dissertation proposal yet. I knew I would have to make some minor changes — starting my study at the 4th quarter rather than the 2nd semester and ending my study after the 1st quarter rather than the 1st semester. Now when I receive my approval, I can make both the change of the times of my study and the location of my study in one resubmission rather than two.

In other news, I am still sick. I came down with a nasty cold last Friday and still can’t seem to shake it. I’ve passed it on to my husband as so many wives do, and he’s experiencing the worst of it now. I’ve been left with a persistent cough which seems pretty common with me as I get over a cold. I hope this cough leaves soon! I can’t seem to sleep when I’m woken up with constant hacking!


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