Before I post another blog about some amazing artists, I want to share a contest I recently held with our NKAirplay Radio listeners. I’m not a big fan of autographs unless they are personalized and I already have Joey McIntyre’s new album on Itunes, so when I received his autographed picture and physical CD of his new album, it made sense for me to either give it away or sell it. Granted, I could have made some decent money via paypal, but part of being a blockhead (aka a New Kids on the Block fan) is sharing with your family of sisters.

The rules of this contest were simple, and yes, I admit selfish. I asked listeners who wanted to win this prize to email me their definition of “acquiring excellence”. Below are the finalists:

•It’s about going for the goal and not let people bring you down. It’s feeling good about yourself and not letting people get in your way ~ @owens86
•For me, it is when you are above average; people praise you for something you have done; or you have something special that others don’t have. ~ @meyfeng
•It is perfection: achieving your highest goal in life. ~ @oohbabyjordan
•It is buying everything from NKOTB. ~ @NKOTB_Fan77
•To me that is a very BOLD statement! what does it truely mean to Aquire Excellence? I think that perception has a lot to do with it! It really depends on that individual persons goals and life aspirations! For me it means GO BIG or GO HOME! I will NEVER do anything and not give it my best! The outcome does not have to be perfect and I do not always like the result I get… but as long as I tried the BEST I could do then that is what counts! In my personal life it means being the BEST mom and wife I can be, while remembering that ‘I’ am just as important as them! I have to love and care for myself to be able to fully love and care for them! I lost that for a long time and spiraled into a very DARK place. My SISTAHS have helped me get that back and I will never loose site of it again! When my life is all said and done I want to stand at the pearly gates, wipe my forehead and say “WHEW! What a ride! NO REGRETS!” That is when I will have truly “Acquired Excellence”. ~ @knightrider233
•Acquring excellence is facing whatever obstacles that are placed in front of you and never giving up. It’s facing up to your fears and showing that you have the guts and determination to get past it. Even though I may not get the chance to get to meet the group (NKOTB), their music has gotten me through some pretty dark days. If being unemployed for six years, losing both of my parents, being almost homeless BUT graduating with three college degrees (Associates, Bachelors and Masters degrees) are not the definition of acquiring excellence, then I don’t what it is. ~ @nkandbsbfan
•My definition of acquiring excellence is doing your very best at what you do, and you keep on trying to do what you are doing til you are happy with what you have done. ~ @missy2031
•Acquiring Excellence is working everyday to beat the day before. ~ @hanaisabella
•If you have faith without God, you have “Nothing”. Prayers are never denied, just answered when He feels the time is right. Acquiring Excellence is a positive attitude, working well with others, bringing out the best in them. You have to give your best at all times. You have the key to your destiny, not others. Do all with love; it comes back tenfold. Be the best that you can do by “Never giving up”. Life is about taking risks, but “winning” is not everything. ~ @brooklynjewel
•I think acquiring excellence means do what you are good at. Like they say, everyone’s good at something, and everyone has one thing that she or he just exceed over everyone else. ~ @MichelleD
I told entrants that length didn’t matter, but rather the content, but in the end, I thought @knightrider333 explained herself the best, even though hers was the longest. I really liked her description. Everyone, though, gave me something to think about as I continue to better myself.


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