Irish Hip Hop

Since I have a few blog posts about music, I thought I would use this blog to talk about a new genre that is quickly becoming a favorite — Irish Hip Hop. I first heard about one such artist, Shaymin, through his connection to the New Kids on the Block. He grew up with the NKOTB and he says that they inspired him to be who he is today. I had the opportunity to met Shaymin at one of my New Kids on the Block concerts. The other two artists are from Ireland and were introduced to me through Shaymin.

Kevin Patrick O’Brien, better known as Shaymin, grew up in Norwood, Massachussetts, hence his connection to the New Kids on the Block. Strongly inspired by his Irish roots and his desire to speak his heart, he has been writing and performing since the early 80s. He has been fortunate to perform in Ireland as well as multiple places across the United States. His philosophy in being an artist is “we and not me”. He recognizes that he would be nothing without his fans who not only listen to his music but also share their love of his music with their friends. You can contact him at his email to inquire about purchasing his newest CD or you may contact me – if you’d like to purchase an older CD as I still have a few for sale. To check out his music, go to his myspace page at . He is also on twitter. You can find him as

The next artist I have fell in love with is Tanya D. I first learned of her when I heard a collaboration she did with Shaymin on a mashup of U2’s “Sunday Bloody Sunday”. I loved her verse about not fitting in the genre of hip hop but still fighting against popular thought. So, it only followed that I would want to hear more of her music. She also has a myspace page Along with performing her music throughout Ireland, the UK, and the United States, she has also designed t-shirts and collaborated with songwriters and producers from all over. She recently released a single called “Rock the Microphona” which will appear on her newest album. It’s available for download in Ireland and the UK, but it is still yet to be relased in the United States. Her previous album “beauty for gold” can be purchased through various venues. And, of couse, she is also on twitter at

And finally, another hip hop artist who I only recently discovered today is Mugsy. He is also in Ireland and has performed solo as well as part of the band, Restless Ambitions. He describes his music as “nothing you ever heard before, pleasant on the outside with a sharp aftertaste.” I have chatted with him via twitter ( and listened to his music via myspace – and youtube – . With both Tanya D and Mugsy, you can hear the Irish accent, and like Shaymin, Mugsy’s song lyrics are bold. My favorites are Bloody Sunday for its history lesson on one of the worst days in Ireland’s history, January 30, 1972; and “I have a dream” which uses the words of Martin Luther King to speak of the inequalties that still exist in our world today.

I hope you will check out all of these artists and let me know what you think. For my next few blogs, I hope to introduce you to some other artists which you may or may not heard of because well, I have an eclectic taste in music, and when I hear good music, I can’t help but promote it.


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