Two More Days!

Yes, I am counting down to 2010, but if you’ve been reading this blog, you know that by now!  And, no, I still haven’t figured out how to add a comments section for this blog.  According to my “advanced settings” comments are enabled, but I have no idea where they are!

Today’s blog, well part of it, is about sharing.  I love reading good blogs, which is probably why I’m forcing myself to get better with maintaining mine, so I want to share some of the good ones I’ve read lately. Of course, I do know there are a few blogs that aren’t meant to be completely public, so not all of my loyal blog reading will be shared here:

my dear friend, Michelle’s blog

crazy Luckee’s blog

Do I really need to explain why I read a NKOTB blog? 🙂

Ok, that said, I’ve decided to edit my resumé to include my experience with NKAirplay. Yes, I’m a co-owner, operator, and on-air personality for a radio station my friend Jaime and I started back in April called NKAirplay Radio. Initially, we wanted the radio station to be just New Kids on the Block music, but we soon realized that radio regulations wouldn’t allow that without express permission from the New Kids.  Despite our attempts to get their attention, we didn’t get any acknowledgement until the end of October, so we decided to include other artists.  To date, we play music by the Fat Boys, Deborah Gibson, Tiffany, Rob Lewis, Roscoe Umali, 98 Degrees, Jeff Timmons, Shaymin, JBR, Jimmy Marsh, New Edition, Bell Biv Devoe, Bobby Brown, Ralph Tresvant, The Heads of State, Tommy Page, Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, Soul, Scott Wahlberg, Akon, Ne-Yo, Pussy Cat Dolls, Natasha Bedingfield, and Lady GaGa.  Whew!  That’s a lot of artists!  But they all have one thing in common – that they’ve supported or been inspired by the New Kids on the Block.  Initially, we had no idea where this radio station might go, but we’ve been amazed. Our listeners have been wonderful as have our featured artists. We’ve been privileged to interview the Fat Boys, Roscoe Umali, JBR, Shaymin, Soul, Rob Lewis, Scott Wahlberg, AND all four of the band members of the New Kids on the Block.  As I mentioned, we finally were acknowledged by the New Kids. We have station IDs from Donnie Wahlberg and Jordan Knight, and Jonathan Knight sneaks into our chatroom every so often.  I thought it would be a fun hobby, but I’m learning a lot by realizing that it truly is a business.  Jaime and I have had to hire a staff of DJs, train them, and make sure they all have the same music.  We’ve had to come up with special themed shows, and we’ve had to schedule, conduct, and follow up on our interviews. Of course, I’ve also had to learn how to broadcast as I host my own show on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. I’ve been told often that I have a great phone voice, so it should lend well to broadcasting, but having to multi-task in an environment that’s completely new to me is quite a learning curve — one that I think I’ve accomplished quite deftly.  Yes, deftly is my new favorite word, and I’m trying to incorporate it more and more into my conversation.  So, since it is a business, and since I am learning tasks *I think* will transfer well into a future permanent career, why not include it on my resumé?  I can’t believe how many resumés I have now, each one, hopefully, better than the one before — and still no job to speak of.

Ok, before I go, as I stated in my previous blog, one of my major goals is to “acquire excellence”, but to do that, one must understand what that phrase means.  So starting today, I’m going to collect definitions, and today’s definition comes courtesy of

Acquire has 4 definitions: come into possession or ownership of; get as one’s own: to acquire property. gain for oneself through one’s actions or efforts: to acquire learning.

3.Linguistics. to achieve native or nativelike command of (a language or a linguistic rule or element).

4.Military. to locate and track (a moving target) with a detector, as radar.

Excellence — hmm, just like a dictionary to offer a circular definition!

1.the fact or state of excelling; superiority; eminence: his excellence in mathematics. excellent quality or feature: Use of herbs is one of the excellences of French cuisine.

3.(usually initial capital letter) excellency (def. 1).

Until next time!


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