Let’s Get This

Those closest to me know that I am a devoted supporter of the New Kids on the Block. If I have an opportunity to bring my favorite band and education together, I will definitely share that here with you at Acquiring Excellence. Thanks to Joe McIntyre, I have that chance.

In May 2009, Joey McIntyre started his “Let’s Get This” Foundation, started principally for people coming together to learn how, in even the smallest ways, we can make the world a better place.

The first goal of this foundation is literacy, and in meeting that goal, the Let’s Get This foundation has partnered with First Book and New Kids on the Block fans to organize a book drive. In one of Joey McIntyre’s blogs about this endeavor, he explains, “There is an enormous lack of age appropriate reading material for the kids”. I completely agree that early reading is so incredibly crucial.

As a New Kids on the Block fan, I intend to set up a collection spot for brand new childrens’ books at my local library, Key Center Library during the next two weeks, but for those readers who are not local to me, I would encourage you to make a donation of $5 or more at Let’s Get This’ First Book site. You can make a donation with a credit card or paypal, and for each $2 you donate, one brand new children’s book is purchased.

Even if you are not able to support First Book, I would encourage you to seek out your local library and ask how you can best support early literacy!

Thank you!


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I am a free-lance writer, skilled in writing press-releases, profiles, web copy, articles, and album reviews. I also am a skilled researcher in all areas. I have a MS degree in Educational Pscyhology and am currently in the dissertation phase of my PhD program. My passions are second language learning, learning strategies, music, musicology, neuroscience, and neuroeducation. I am a fan of all genres of music and love learning more about both indie and major-labeled artists as well as the behind-the-scenes people who make them look so good! View all posts by debhalasz

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